Sunday, April 29, 2012

gone with the wind.

Running usually brings with it its own set of challenges: hills, thirst, and many-a-cramp. However, last Thursday when I went running I had to deal with a whole new challenge: wind. And not just wind, but rather 50-plus mile an hour gusts from two directions. I had already set my mind on doing a pretty hard run (5 x 5 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy for 5 miles), and I had no intention of letting the wind stop me, although that might have been against my better judgment. Nobody else was out on the path I was running on, and with good reason. I was literally getting pushed to the side of the road, dirt was blowing in my face, I had tears running down my cheeks and my nose would not stop running. On top of that it was really hot. I'm pretty sure it was what running through the Saudi Arabian desert would feel like. However, did I regret this? No. Why? Am I crazy, or maybe just a glutton for punishment? Well perhaps, but I realized after I finished how good I felt. Strong, successful, and pretty badass. These are the kinds of runs that I know will help me get better and faster in the long run (pun intended). After being sick with food allergies for so long, I really appreciate how much my body can do now that I am healthy and eating (and not eating) the right foods. Now, while I won't exactly be praying for another day with wind like this, I would welcome it if it showed up on my afternoon run.

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