Saturday, April 7, 2012

spring, thus far.

 I always welcome the warm days of spring with a smile and a desire to skip through flowers in the warm sun. Unfortunately, soon after that daydream, mid-semester hits like a snowstorm, flurrying up my sunny daydreams with the harsh realities of academia. However, I still find lots of joy in spring with the time I (can) spend running in the sun, taking walks with my wonderful boyfriend, and relishing in sometimes-too-short spring dresses. As promised, here are some pictures of my spring so far, and some of the wonderful happenings on coasts both East and West.

A tipsy mouse at my boyfriend's parents' house for St. Paddy's. 

Make-your-own-smores at Planet Marshmallow in Manchester, NH. 

One of the many beautiful churches decorating the skyline in Portland, ME. 

Seagulls perched on posts on the New Hampshire coast. 

My seven debaters headed for the national (!) tournament in Indianapolis. Couldn't be prouder. 

Back to reading, reading, reading. I must say, a very good book though. 

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