Sunday, April 8, 2012

accessorizing for easter.

One of the wonderful things about all the church services, mother's day luncheons, and bridal showers over the next few months is the limitless number of opportunities to get dressed up and accessorize to the nines, two of my favorite pastimes. I love unexpected pops of color against more subdued tones, like a bright necklace over a springy, but demure, dress. This is what I wore to last night's Easter vigil, and although you can't see it, the chains of yellow beads were perfect for my blue-striped maxi dress, the same  shade as my turquoise cross from Santa Fe.

Gotta love the sale jewelry at Target... 
May all of you reading have a happy Easter and a wonderful Passover, if you're celebrating! But no matter what you do, accessories always make the day.

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