Sunday, April 22, 2012

getting stitchy with it.

I really envy super crafty people. While I do make a mean greeting card (I will upload one of my favorites soon!), I have many more crafts that I would like to master, the next one being embroidery. One of my colleagues, Kristen, a wonderfully talented embroiderer inspired me to get into this beautiful art over the summer when I will be doing some academic reading and art history research. She has her own wonderful blog, The Bobbypin Bandit, where she offers her musings on academia and great craft ideas, but she also contributes to a collaborative embroidery blog called Feeling Stitchy which offers many great tutorials for adorable embroidery. I plan on taking up some of these projects as soon as I am finished with my constant paper writing for the end of the school year. I think it's easy to say what I would rather be doing...

Readers, any exciting craft ideas or projects you're working on?

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