Monday, April 23, 2012

new art.

One of my favorite things to do an Albuquerque has always been to go see art openings. I would go for my teachers in high school, and even a few where I had a piece displayed, but now I get to help put them on myself and see the wonderful work other young people are doing in Albuquerque. This past weekend, I went to one entitled "How Appropriate" by an MFA student named Ana Medina (see some of her work here). Her works captured a sense of identity in youth today, all done in such a way that the viewer can feel the emotion in a particular moment. It was so great to see such refreshing art in Albuquerque, and to see an artist so young with such original work. I'm super excited about all of the MFA shows coming up soon, and all of the great exhibits this summer, and will be sure to keep everyone updated so you might have a chance to go see some. And if you're in Albuquerque, you have no excuse not to.

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