Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a confession.

I have realized this past week, more than ever that I have become a bag lady.The computer, folders, makeup, books and other miscellaneous but necessary items have combined to make one bag too large to hold all of them. This results in my having quite a large collection of totes to carry around everyday, so many that I actually need one entire seat on the bus just to hold them. I might be a bit nerdy, but that doesn't mean my bags have to be.

from http://www.seabags.com/tote-bags/claw-tote-gold.html

Here is where my obsession with Seabags comes in. They're a local company out of Portland, Maine that recycles sails and makes them into the cutest and durable totes. I now own a couple, including my favorite with a grey whale tail, and rely on them everyday to make me look a little less geeky on my way into the gallery space.

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