Friday, May 18, 2012

recipes: marbled buttercream brownies.

Although gluten-free baking is now the norm for me, I still haven't mastered some of the notoriously finicky gluten-free recipes - brownies being one of them. I have yet to find the right mixture and baking time to get the same fudgy, dense texture that are in my regular brownies. Going to a potluck the other night, I wanted to bring brownies since they're always a crowd favorite, and I didn't want to subject others to my experiments in gluten-free baking, so I decided to just go the regular route with a twist. I found this recipe at BGSK and decided to make these for the potluck. My version turned out a little marbled on top because I didn't have time to let the buttercream completely cool before putting on the chocolate glaze, but it turned out to have a rather pretty marbled effect on the top. Whatever they looked like, they were a big hit, and I'm sure I will be making them again, gluten-free or not.



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