Friday, February 24, 2012

the santa fe blues.

Let me start off by saying that I adore Santa Fe. Not necessarily the main part around the plaza with overpriced shops, but the small galleries off Canyon Road and fun cafes along the main street are delightful. But the last few times I have made the drive up there, I have been a little turned off by the tourist prices (and tourists themselves!) in this beautiful town. My boyfriend and I drove up there for a visit the other day, and spent more time trying to find someplace affordable to eat than looking around at the scenery on a beautiful day. It is very hard to justify paying twenty dollars for a plate of enchiladas when I know I can pay six for an even better plate in Albuquerque. And one store we went in was selling nothing for less than 200. I love clothes, but I also do appreciate a little value when buying something to wear, especially considering graduate school stipends. I just find it very hard to enjoy myself when you are stuck paying fifty dollars for lunch for two, especially when it's easy to find food for much cheaper in Albuquerque. Although we did have a lovely day, and a great reasonable lunch at Tecolote CafĂ©, it's just odd to me to have such high prices in a state usually as reasonable as New Mexico. My boyfriend did buy me some beautiful earrings though, and we had a great (cheap!) dinner at Dion's back home in Albuquerque.

My beautiful, new copper star earrings. 

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