Saturday, February 4, 2012

five blogs i love.

One of the things I really love about all the blogs online is the promotion of other blogs and ideas. This has also resulted in some newfound obsessions of mine in the form of outfits I want to try, crafts I need to do, and recipes I can't wait to eat.

adorable Valentine's card from

5. Atlantic-Pacific: I'm not sure where I found this blog, but the outfits are adorable - and more importantly - doable. Many of the pieces are staples from J. Crew, Gap, or other places that are relatively affordable or easy to find. Not to say that some bags and such aren't extravagant, but the high-end mixed with the normal clothes gives a hint of luxury that is achievable and wearable in real life.

4. A Fanciful Twist: This blog was introduced to me by one of my colleagues, Kristen. Her sister, Vanessa runs it, and fills it with whimsical designs and musings. She also runs her own shop on Etsy where you can buy posters of her designs. Lately, I've been really loving her printable Valentine's Day cards (see above).

3. Cupcakes and Cashmere: Another blog with wonderful fashion tips and other how-tos. I discovered this one from Ebbe, who writes Champagne for Ducklings (see below). The Home Improvement section is a particular obsession because it gives simple and beautiful design tips.

2. Champagne for Ducklings:  This blog is run by a college classmate of mine, Ebbe. I'm slightly in love with her photography, which is lovely, moving, and just plain fun. The recipes, often French-inspired, are also really great and easy to make.

1. Big Girls, Small Kitchen: This one I've been following for years, and I've mentioned it before. It's become especially useful in the last year because you can sort by ingredients you can't eat, which in my case, is lots of stuff. Not only that, the recipes are easy, simple, and completely doable when you're in a constant time crunch.

Now, give me more! What are your favorite places to find fun things to wear/do/cook?

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