Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my first valentine.

I am, and have always been, one of those freaks that gets super excited for Valentine's Day. I love roses, the colors, chocolate, and the romance. Even though I spent most of my life sans male counterpart, I still loved the whole day, mainly because my one true, and my first, valentine, my mom, never let me forget how loved I was. And shouldn't Valentine's Day just not be about your significant other, but for all those who love you day in and day out too?

So often we forget about our support systems, meaning those who stand beside you and believe in you. Yes, this is all very cheesy, but as I've become older, I've gotten wiser and learned that these people are oftentimes the ones who deserve the most love because they give the most. I tell my boyfriend ten times a day how much I care for him, but sometimes I forget my mother, my aunt, my grandparents, and all the other people without whose unconditional love my life would be really empty. So while you may be doing lots of fun things with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, remember to call someone who always loves you, no matter what stupid stuff you do, and tell them how important they are. Love you, mom!

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