Thursday, June 7, 2012


This past Memorial Day I flew out to Atlanta to see my boyfriend where he is working for the summer.While it was wonderful to be back on the East Coast I did not miss the humidity. Nevertheless, Atlanta has a million fun things to do, about five of which we have done so far, and I will have to finish the rest when I visit again in July.

AMAZING burger (well the meat part at least) at Holeman and Finch in Buckhead 
A Braves game at Turner Field

It's hot on the subway
Food, fun, baseball, and shopping - all great in Hotlanta. Such a fun city and I can't wait to head back. Visiting Atlanta was part of something about myself I have discovered this year. One of my favorite new pastimes is visiting America, or all the little places you don't normally think of vacationing. I've been lucky enough to do that this year by working with my debaters and taking them to out-of-state tournaments. I may not be one to dole out great advice, but if you are low on funds and want to take a vacation, visit somewhere in the US you have never been before. It may just end up being your new favorite city...

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