Sunday, June 17, 2012

flying light.

When I'm traveling, I'm usually tight on time, space, and money (hence no checked bags if there is a fee). Trying to stuff everything into a carryon leaves very little space, and once I am there, I don't feel like messing around with outfits and accessories to find something that looks both professional and fashionable. As I've settled into partially grown-up life, the need to look more professional, especially on work trips, is essential, and I've found that jewelry and other accessories are a great way to make everything look more professional and pulled together. That being said, I find it much easier to have a few selected pieces on hand that coordinate with each other and most of my outfits. This past week in Indianapolis, I took along just a few bracelets that could be mix-and-matched with each other and my outfits.

top to bottom: sculpted white bracelet from my mother, large faux pearls from Urban Outfitters (old),
thin gold bangle from Claire's (old), bracelet my uncle made for me, Henri Bendel cuff (current).
Just these few bracelets made it much easier waking up at six am when I was practically a zombie and getting ready to go. Coordinating this with simple earrings and a necklace or two was very simple and made looking professional and put together an afterthought so I could focus on what I was there for -work (and a little shopping).

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