Wednesday, December 7, 2011

why ballet flats are (almost) always appropriate.

When I went to college in Maine, everyone assumed that New Mexico was a place of endless warmth and sunshine. Apparently, I also picked up this assumption during my years in Maine and South America. I received a very rude surprise this past Monday when I woke up to winds of 50 mph and several inches of snow. Well, I was very happy because this meant a snow day for my school (Snow days in grad school! Who knew?) and a day of having the house to myself, the dogs, and the cats, so that I could indulge in reruns of Sex and the City and How I Met Your Mother. However, I was quite upset in other ways. First of all, it ruined my morning run, which I consider sacred and my time to sort out my thoughts. Second, but most importantly, it impeded my ability to wear ballet flats.

                                                           My loves.

I think ballet flats are really great for all women for several reasons. For students of all ages, they are really comfy, which is important when you're walking everywhere around campus! I think even with jeans and a t-shirt they add a little something chic to the mix. Now that I've started working (a lot!) I find them so great to run around in, at both of my jobs. I made the mistake of wearing heels on a business trip to Dallas one day, and since then I have told myself that flats will forever be the way to go. Nothing like humidity, sweaty feet, and blisters to make you crave a pair of flat shoes. So this leads me to my present conundrum. The snow from the Monday storm has stayed, and unfortunately snow and flats do not mix. At all. I already tried and found myself scooping snow out of my shoes. This is one time I should have listened to my mother and just worn socks and actual shoes, that ya know, covered my feet. So for the past few days I have resorted to trusty wellington and cowboy boots, the whole time suffering a severe longing to stretch my feet and scratch that itch that you always get on the bottom of your foot when you wear boots.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I can return to wearing my beloved flats. For now, I leave you with a picture of the beautiful, snowy Sandias, which are making me wear many-a-pair of boots.

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