Friday, December 16, 2011

intentions and telenovelas.

Every year after my finals, since eighth grade, I have fallen into the same routine after my finals, with no variance through the years. This includes:
1. Eating. Mainly any carbs I can get my hands on, which in traditional New Mexican fashion, includes chips and salsa. Lots of them.
2. Sleeping. Lots of sleeping.
3. TV. Just really trashy shows, like Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Judge me all you want, at least I admit to watching it.
This pattern continues until second semester, when I show up back to classes sluggish, unmotivated, and craving spicy food. However, this year I'm going to change that.

While I will allow plenty of time for the aforementioned activities, I would really like to accomplish a few more before spring semester starts. 
1. Finish Anna Karenina. And make significant progress on 100 Years of Solitude. In espaƱol.
2. Go to the place where they make maple syrup with my honeybuns. I'm finally making the New Hampshire boy take me to the place where my dreams come true. 
3. Organize my papers/books/folders from years past and finally THROW SOMETHING AWAY. 
Although I realize that some things may get in the way, especially Hulu Latino which lets me watch my telenovelas online (I'm actually serious), I'm going to make a real effort to change my lazy winter break habits and to something productive, so come January I'm awake, alive, and slightly accomplished. 

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