Thursday, December 1, 2011

welcome home.

When I decided that I was moving back home to do my master's, and I began searching for a place to live: I always seemed to run into one of two problems. First, apartments were completely out of my means, even if they weren't that nice. Second, the apartments that I could afford looked like they had been used to film a meth scene in Breaking Bad. So that left me with the inevitable conclusion of moving back home. While this came with many perks; mainly food, air conditioning, and dogs; I started to suffer a sort of identity crisis. How was I supposed to create my own life if I was stuck living in the house in which I grew up (although it is pretty hard to argue with this backyard view)?

However, I eventually realized after a little soul searching and some glasses of wine and crying on Skype to my boyfriend that I can define myself in other ways. In fact, most of my life was outside my house. In fact, I really only slept there and got sub-par morning coffee (sorry, Dad). I have friends, a really great job, and lo and behold an actual life beyond 1550 Eagle Ridge. There are a million other ways in which I could build my own proverbial nest. So, no matter where you are; whether it's living at home, living in a tiny apartment and hating your roommate, or in an awesome flat in London; follow me on my journey to create my own life and read about many klutzy adventures and fabulous insights to come. Welcome home, wherever you are.

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