Wednesday, December 21, 2011

new mexico girl problems.

I'm sure many of you have heard of blogs like White Girl Problems and Betches Love This, which chronicle problems that fall upon certain sectors of the female population. However, I would like to turn to conundrums which affect another segment of the population: girls that live in New Mexico. New Mexico girl problems include things like excessively dry skin, an inability to dress oneself appropriately for the weather, and an always unsatisfied craving for Frontier tortillas. I've gone about trying to remedy these problems in various ways.

Lots of snow. 

Well first, there is no really beating the dry skin that always comes with New Mexico altitude. Yes, it is 6,000 feet where I live, and yes, that means VERY dry skin. Not much you can do about that but haul around a Costco-size bottle of moisturizer. My inability to dress myself appropriately for the weather followed me to college in Maine, and back home again. I always wear too much or too little, which results in many complaints about temperature wherever I am. Lesson? Layer and pray for no drastic temperature changes. Although my prayers lately have been washed away with all the wind here, so I must tread through ankle deep snow, all the while freezing my skinny ankles off,  because of my inability to currently wear anything but sneakers (so boots are out of the question). And as for the tortillas, I can't eat them because of the whole Celiac thing, but I can obsessively give them as Christmas presents and force their goodness upon people. However, my favorite remedy thus far is as follows: buying a purple puffy vest from Target for dogs and putting the chihuahua and one cat in it (neither of them really liked it):

Terfle and Coco and the evil purple puffy vest. 

Coco modeling. 

I hope you find similar levels of hilarity in your own snow or sun-filled lives. I, in the meantime, will be praying for summer and layering to stave off the miserable New Mexico weather. 

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