Thursday, March 1, 2012

born happy.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a ten-week old shih-tzu named Patches. While undeniably adorable, what struck me about Patches is at his young age, not even three months, he knew something that most humans spend their lives chasing after. He was so happy. Sure, maybe it is in the nature of dogs to be happy, but why can't it be in our nature as well? That isn't to say we shouldn't be satisfied with mediocrity, but in our pursuits to better ourselves, we can also find happiness in each step rather than leaving it as the ultimate end goal. A goal of mine is to bake something gluten-free that tastes as if is not. Although I have had some stumbles, I have learned to be happy with the results each time that taste a little better. No, it is not perfect, but it is still a good place. So, my lesson learned is to be a little more like Patches and a little less like my perfectionist self, and love where you are and what you have done, without ever forgetting where you want to go.

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