Thursday, March 22, 2012

three good things about coming back from spring break.

The notion of coming back from spring break (or if you have a real job, spring vacations) is never fun. However, through my (slightly) excessive amount of schooling in my life, I have learned how to make the  days back from spring break/vacations a little more bearable.

1. Seeing work friends.
Now, I'm not saying these are not your real friends, because they most definitely are, but you always share something special with these people because you do see them everyday. You can share your many inside jokes, as well as your disdain for coming back to work after a restful weeklong vacation. Plus, who else will you listen to sappy Ricardo Arjona songs with and complain about your need for a pre-5 p.m. cocktail, at least in my office?

2. Seeing your friends on their breaks.
Having your friends plus family come home on their spring breaks, before or after yours, is perfect because you can catch up on work and school and life in general. This past week I went to lunch at a small Italian restaurant with my cousins, one of whom was visiting from Arizona on her spring break, and it was so nice to catch up on life and all the little things that have happened.

3. Looking forward to the next time you get to take a wonderful adventure.
This past break, where I was in Maine, was super enjoyable. I spent the first few days home looking at pictures of my boyfriend and me in many different spots, as well as the funny photos I took on our many adventures. Everytime I do this, it makes my day a little bit brighter and makes me look forward to my next trip!


I will post some pictures from said spring break adventure soon, cross my heart. 

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