Saturday, January 7, 2012

time to wear sunscreen again.

Two days ago, I decided I would try and do a track workout for the first time in, I dunno, eight months? I have to admit, it was pretty scary after several emergency medical procedures, stomach problems, and diet changes over the last few months. But it was beautiful out, and I went running in shorts, a t-shirt, and my favorite: sunscreen. I actually do really love sunscreen and I wear it obsessively, but that's another blog post. I drove to the high school where I work as a debate coach to see how this would play out. Well, there were quite a few rather intense groups out there - like a Japanese professional running team and some Russians (I think, I'm not actually sure what language they were speaking). So while I looked super cool doing 400s really slowly, everyone else seemed to be doing multiple mile repeats at an incredibly fast pace. I felt really good, but this conversation I had with a very elite runner on the track is pretty funny and shows just how out of place I was:

Him: What are you training for?
Me: Um, maybe a 5k in the spring? What about you?
Him: The 800 meter Olympic trials.
Me: Oh well, that's cool.
Him: Gotta start now. Your stride looked really strong though.
Me: Oh my gosh! Thank you! That's so nice of you!

Maybe I was a little too gracious with the thank yous, but it felt so good that someone noticed and said that I wasn't failing next to the Russian and Japanese runners. Well after an ashtanga class the day before,  my muscles are still paying for it. However, I'm really happy to be back to running, and I'm excited about my next workout (hopefully) in the sun!

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