Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year's non-resolutions.

New Year's resolutions have never really worked too well for me. I always made really wishy-washy ones like, "Focus on me," and, "Be happy." Well, what was required for these goals? One day, I might feel like skipping class to go, I don't know, shopping. Well, this would not make me happy when I failed the test because I miss the essay question that was covered in class the day I skipped. Not a very effective resolution for long-term happiness. Instant gratification does not equal long term joy. Just a lot of problems which cause much stress to solve. So awhile back, I started doing something different. In September I wrote down six goals which I would like to try and achieve. They reflect different things like fitness, money, and of course, happiness. Instead of making vague steps towards "being happy" or "being fit" I know what I am actually working towards and what I need to do to get there. 


One of my goals is to hold a headstand for the entire pose in my ashtanga yoga class. This consists of holding a headstand for approximately two minutes, though it feels like an eternity. How do I do this? I practice doing it, holding it, going to yoga and doing it with everyone else. And to remind myself  to do this, I wrote down my goals on an index card and placed it in my planner as a bookmark so I can see it everyday, and keep practicing until I achieve it. Now, I just have to remember to try and do this with all my goals. It seems to be working so far, and hopefully keeps doing so in the future. I will let you know how the goals turn out, baby steps and all.

What are your ways of achieving your New Year's resolutions, or do you prefer the more ambiguous goals with many different ways to get to them?

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