Friday, January 27, 2012

fridays in the office.

So Fridays are pretty lonely in my office. I do have two men to keep me company though.

Walker on the left and Pancho on the right.
Clearly, I had to name them so that I wasn't just talking to nameless cardboard figures. I can give them a little humanity after all. They must get lonely spending so many long hours in Zimmerman library by themselves. Anyway, back to normality...

Fridays, over this past semester, have slowly morphed into lazy days. Pretty much because after Friday morning yoga I have no energy to put on real clothes, although I can usually manage a little blush and mascara. Also, after Thursday nights at O'Niell's, I'm not sure I could fit into actual pants on account of all the queso consumed. Ideally, Fridays consist of yoga, a little work, a little reading for school, and a lot of napping. The napping part I can do without a problem, the other ones I need to work on, like, ahem, the working one. Back to Pancho and Walker...

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