Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I love finding things that you forgot about and then enjoying them again. This may just mean I have a bad memory, but when I find these forgotten things, I get really happy. Today it was my love of Argentine culture. Argentinos speak with a very distinct accent, and while I was listening to this song at work, I felt like I found a memory that made me really happy as I listened to the lyrics. Yes, the song is in Twilight, but the singer is an incredible Argentine actress who I first found out about during my junior year there. It didn't take me back to Argentina, per se, but rather to my love of literature and music from there. At work I also stumbled across a book by one of my favorite Argentine authors, Julio Cort├ízar, and I figured fate had to be at work somehow. So when I got home I dug my way out of Mexican paintings and back into some guacho stories and malbec. Well, mainly the malbec, but it still counts as apreciaci├│n argentina. 
Well, I know this is me musing on wine and literature, but I really enjoy stumbling on these things once lost, and now found. Stay tuned! I tried out a DIY project and will be posting a how-to soon! Besos, che. 

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