Friday, January 6, 2012

getaways: los poblanos historic inn and organic farm.

So I meant to write about this several weeks ago seeing as I visited this inn in November, but I figured it was still worth posting about, especially for those of you in Albuquerque and nearby. Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm is located in the North Valley of Albuquerque, amongst many beautiful farms, homes, and even a winery! Since my boyfriend was up, we decided we should take a little romantic escape, ya know, away from my house and my parents. Even though it was a short drive, it felt like we were in a different city because of the John Gaw Meem pueblo revival architecture, and the charming rooms and restaurant. I wish I had taken a picture of our room, but alas, I didn't, but it was complete with wood-burning fireplace and earplugs to block out the cawing of the peacocks. Yes, peacocks! Absolutely beautiful and wondering around the large property. In addition to suites and cottages, Los Poblanos also has a locally-renowned restaurant which serves breakfast with the overnight stays, but also serves dinner to anyone who cares to stop by. While we unfortunately missed dinner, we had a wonderful breakfast. The quinoa stuffed rellenos were different but incredible, and my boyfriend said he liked the waffles quite a bit. This is a wonderful getaway for anyone in Albuquerque, and anyone who wants to travel here, which you should (hint, hint). Even if you don't want to stay for a night, just go for the food. You may never want to leave. 

The entrance to Los Poblanos. 

My boyfriend was too big for the door...

A peacock! Photo by Kevin Regan. 

Breakfast of quinoa stuffed rellenos and fried eggs over hard. 

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