Monday, July 16, 2012

why to keep a journal when you travel.

Today is my last full day in Oaxaca, and I thought it only appropriate to clarify why my updates have been rather absent. When I was twelve and thirteen, I would keep a diary religiously. Like write down everything - because to preteen me, everything really was that important. However, as the writing and reading for school increased, then really increased in college, I fell out of the habit. It's still not something I do regularly, unless profound inspiration strikes. However, when I travel I much prefer the portability and accessibility of a bound bunch of paper to anything digital. Around Oaxaca I can whip out my journal whenever the fancy strikes, whether I want to write down something funny or remember the name of an artist. Much more convenient than any iDevice. While I will not be keeping up the aforementioned travel journal when I go back home, it is a perfect way to remember everything I loved and saw in this beautiful city.

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