Monday, July 2, 2012

when you can't eat abroad.

After a long week of stomach bugs and naps, I'm headed off to Oaxaca in the morning. I'm so excited to go speak Spanish, see lots of art, and explore a new place. Unfortunately, my tastebuds will not be able to do that much exploring. I'm already on thin ice with what I can eat, and sadly, lingering stomach bugs and unknown cuisine do not mix well. As I've said before, I love trying out new fare. However, this can be difficult abroad when there is not a ton that you think you will be able to tolerate.  I'm all for trying out new foods abroad - it is one of my favorite things - but you do need to keep an eye out on your health, especially when you're not in familiar surroundings. Because this is not the first time this has happened to me, I have a few tips for when you may find yourself in this plight:

1. Bring granola bars and dried fruit from home. They're easy to carry and make a good breakfast or lunch when there is not necessarily anything around you can eat.

2. Utilize the local market. Bread, jams, and fruits (with peels!) can make an easy and cheap dinner.

3. Follow the line. If people are lining up somewhere, it's probably for a good reason. It if looks good and suits your fancy, join them! Just be sure to get meat and vegetables very well done.

That being said, don't be scared from trying out the local delicacies - you may find a new favorite. Just remember to keep a watch on your body, drink lots of water, and be prepared for any unwelcome bugs or sicknesses. But most of all, when abroad or just traveling across state lines: explore and learn something in the culinary realm! You may find your new signature dish...

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