Saturday, September 1, 2012

pre-workout snack conundrums.

One of the awful things about Celiac's and other digestive issues is that you never know when you might eat something to set your stomach off. This is one of the reasons I always have to be careful of what I eat before running or cycling, especially if I do it later in the day when I'm usually drained and I need some comida for energy. I've learned many things: some bad (ranch and I will never be friends) and some good (peanut butter was better). However, the best thing I have found is definitely almonds. Perfect amount of carbs for energy and easy to digest. And the other really great thing is that they travel really well, so you can even bring some along for a mid-run snack. I know this post isn't super substantial, but it's something that has served me well, and I hope this advice does the same for you.

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